Welcome to KG

Founded five years ago on the basis of three core values – simplicity, elegance and timelessness – the Karen Gee Brand has quickly developed a strong and feminine aesthetic with a loyal and diverse following.

Encompassing the utmost importance of positive body image, inner beauty and self-worth, the brand was formed with a primary focus on style and helping women feel not only comfortable but confident, each design promises the perfect fit and the ability to celebrate all women, regardless of shape or size.

The Karen Gee Brand has become renowned for its signature structure, flattering cuts and versatile nature – pieces that contour the body and promise a sleek and flawless silhouette without restricting the wearer. These hand-crafted garments may also be customized for the individual with colour choices and a host of other bespoke design options to suit each client’s unique requirements and taste.

2015 saw the incredible milestone that was the opening of a Flagship Store located in Sydney’s Chifley Plaza. Here we offer one-on-one private consultations to ensure that every woman gets the true KG experience.

This is a brand that truly cares and is dedicated to helping you feel beautiful in every way; a brand that celebrates ALL women and every unique quality that makes you, you; a brand to empower women and ensure you feel strong, confident and ready to take on the world. KARENGEE is a brand made by women for women, because who else better to understand?

Available internationally and proudly made in Australia. For more information, or to discuss your unique order requirements, please contact customercare@karengee.com.au.