Timeless Tweed

Shop Now The Freeda Dress Exquisitely crafted in the best of British tweed.       "Tweed is the perfect option for the cooler weather and those change-of-season days when you're not sure what to wear. Plus it goes with everything and lasts a lifetime." Timeless Tweed   We source…

A New Approach

- A passion piece written by Boutique Manager, Jacinta Stanford -   The world’s largest industries produce a huge amount of waste and continue to pump out massive amounts each day, resulting in a devastating impact on the environment. Some are surprised to learn that one of the biggest polluters…

On Sustainability

In a world where the only constant is change itself, filled with seasons and different colours. Outpace the seasonal dynamics with something constant and everlasting, we fabricate our garments to bring out its elegance and timelessness. Every garment has its own story as it is tailor cut to its order,…

A Ray Of Hope

After few months of the global pandemic, we certainly have come to an end, not quite much but a ray of hope surely can be seen. The pandemic has taught us all the seven dimensions of wellness - social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical wellbeing. The most important…

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