Blessed Dress - Karen Gee Blog post

This month in KG:

As always, I was over the moon to spot some beautiful and inspiring women looking as spectacular as ever while stepping out in their Karen Gee designs.

Amy Cuddy was a vision not once but twice – first, looking stunning in our custom ink navy to present at the NB Forum, and a second time, in a cobalt blue number.  Geordie Gardner looked spectacular gracing the screens of the Today Show in her custom black KG Jacket, while Lara Pitt walked the red carpet in custom KG and looked positively beautiful. Peta Credlin lit up the screens in her custom KG Classified Dress, Jane Bunn was a gorgeous lady in red for the Channel Seven News, and Melissa Doyle looked wonderful as always in her custom Sentiment Dress. Gorgi Coghlan was pretty in pink for The Project TV, Shelley Craft took The Block by storm in her custom Worth Dress, and the lovely Sarah Jones was a vision in her red Shine Top.

While I am thrilled to see these amazing women out and about in KG, I am also just as thrilled to meet with each of you – whether that be in store, or by appointment during one of our visits interstate. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting and designing the perfect dress with so many of you in Melbourne that I have decided to come back sooner! We will be in Melbourne on the 15th of November, Brisbane the 22nd, and Canberra on the 29th. Booking is essential; please contact us directly at!

The whirlwind that was this month also saw the release of some brand new designs – hello, Demi Dress and Precious Dress! – and some very special moments spent with some gorgeous brides to be. It is an honour to play a role in such a pivotal day – I just loved sketching these designs! Speaking of an honour – this month also saw me taking part in an event where I was a guest speaker to over 10,000 people! As nerve racking as it can be, I adore public speaking and getting the chance to share my story – thanks for having me, Westpac!

Finally, you may have noted that when listing some of the extraordinary women in KG this month, I left out something, or someone, very special.

It was absolutely incredible to not only have such a beautiful, down to earth and inspiring woman dressed in KG, but to have such an enormous response to our lovely Blessed Dress. To say that I felt beyond blessed would be an understatement. Our website temporarily malfunctioned with the amount of interest it garnered, the phone rang off the hook for days, and I was over the moon to be invited onto the Today Show for a chat. The brand has been featured in numerous articles both in print and online, and our social media following has grown in spades. I started this brand with little to no experience, and quite literally nothing but a vision and a dream to celebrate women and make them feel beautiful. To think how far we have come in such a short amount of time is astonishing, and I could not be prouder of my brand, my team and of each of you lovely ladies that are embracing how utterly special you are. It is an honour to have dressed Meghan, and it is an honour to dress each of you.

I hope you all have a wonderful few weeks ahead; I look forward to sharing more of this exciting journey with you soon. Much love, Kaz x