KG News

From special deliveries and time spent in store to gorgeous ladies out and about in KG, it sure has been a spectacular week. We have so many wonderful ventures on the horizon and I couldn't be more grateful for your continued support and love of this brand. Thank you, as always, to my incredible work, and to every lady I had the pleasure of meeting.

As mentioned, we spotted some beauties out and about in KG this week. Jane Bunn lit up the screens in her KG Feelings Dress, while the lovely Kendall Gilding was radiant in red. Peta Credlin graced the cover of the TV Guide in the Sunday Telegraph looking beautiful in her custom KG Valentina Pant Suit – wow, wow, wow! I truly love seeing each and every one of you in your KG, please keep on sending in your images.

I hope you have enjoyed your week and I wish you all the best for the one to come. Much love, Kaz x x x