From some gorgeous new designs on their way and a very special day - #doitforthegirls – on the horizon, this week has been a very special one at that. We have been hard at work getting ready to spoil some very inspiring and very deserving women, as well as spending time in store with some lovely ladies. Thank you to every one of you that I had the pleasure of meeting this week, it is always a pleasure.

In addition to this, I also had the honour of partaking as a speaker at an esteemed event in Barangaroo. I am so proud of this brand and how far we have come – it is always an amazing feeling to share this journey with likeminded women. We are after all, a brand that celebrates women in every shape and form.

Speaking of celebration – this week also saw one of my closest friends marry her best friend. Not only was this a wonderful day for obvious reasons, but the beautiful bride and bridesmaids were dressed – and looking fabulous – in KG! What an honour this was.

I hope each of you have enjoyed your week, and I wish you all the best for the one to come. Much love, Kaz x x x