And just like that another wonderful week comes to its end. From new designs and exciting networking opportunities to very special deliveries and time well spent in my happy place – Chifley – it sure has been an incredible seven days. As always, a huge thank you to my team for all of your superb work, and to each of the lovely ladies I had the pleasure of meeting.

As mentioned, we had some very special deliveries on their way this week – some of these going all the way to Hong Kong. I am so thrilled to be working with some fabulous media personalities over there and cannot wait to see them looking spectacular in KG very soon.

I received some stunning images of KG designs out and about this week – you all looked simply beautiful! It warms my heart to receive these photos – please keep them coming! I was also excited to step out in a custom piece with a gorgeous colour palette of ivory, hot pink, scarlet and rose.

I hope each of you have enjoyed your week and I wish you all the best for the one to come. Much love, Kaz x x x