As worn by Karen Gee

As the founder and creative force behind her eponymous label, Karen Gee embodies the essence of modern elegance. From the bustling streets of Sydney to the glamour of events at The Langham Melbourne, her designs seamlessly chic sophistication with craftsmanship. Much like her clientele, which ranges from discerning professionals to celebrities gracing red carpets, Karen Gee herself serves as the ultimate muse for her brand.

City Living.

Karen in her beautiful city of Sydney, wearing the effortless Leem Dress. A fan favourite taken from our RTW collection. 

On the right, Karen wears the
cutest Gigi Dress, accessorised with the KG Hairband, before heading out on her Friday date nights with her husband.

KG in the studio.

Karen's creative process unfolds amidst the energy of the studio. Here, she collaborates directly on shoots, bringing her vision to life. From the
elegant Explorer Dress to the vibrant Cosmopolitan Single Jacket, Karen's presence infuses every garment with her distinctive flair.


Karen's personal style shines through in her love for noteworthy tees, effortlessly paired with jeans and sneakers for the perfect weekend ensemble. Additionally, she showcases our best-selling Harmony Dress, illustrating the versatility and timelessness of our ready-to-wear collection.

The Langham, Melbourne. 

Our longstanding collaboration with The Langham Melbourne sees Karen and her team visit twice a year for a showcase, here she is pictured wearing our Navy Linen Quest Dress on the left, A custom made to measure tweed two piece in the Kerri Hess Suite, and also wearing the Jake Dress, which she has styled with her own leather belt.