Karen Gee x UNICEF Australia

Karen Gee is proudly supporting UNICEF Australia's vaccine equity campaign 'Give the World a Shot'.

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Unicef Australia
Give the World a Shot

COVID-19 knows no borders. The devastation we have seen, from India to Brazil, impacts us all as a global community. To beat this virus, we have to see the bigger picture. We’ll only begin to recover from the pandemic when people in lower-income countries have access to vaccines, tests and treatments too.

Every year, UNICEF vaccinates half the world’s children against preventable disease. Now, we’re ensuring no one is left behind in the race to vaccinate everyone against COVID-19. UNICEF’s goal is to ensure health workers, teachers, social workers and the most vulnerable in every country – not just the wealthier ones – are protected, and patients get the urgent medical supplies and oxygen they need.

UNICEF Australia is calling on everyone to Give the World a Shot and help raise funds to support the global rollout. We need your help to deliver 2 billion vaccines, 5.6 million tests and 5.5 million treatments around the world. Join us for the biggest health and logistics project in history. By donating, you’re helping bring us all one step closer to beating the pandemic.

We won’t stop until everyone is protected. Your support will help us get there.

Why UNICEF Australia?

Since its foundation in 1936, UNICEF has built an unprecedented global-health support system, resulting in the establishment of the world’s largest vaccine procurement, storage, shipping, cold chain, and distribution network in more than 190 countries. Today, UNICEF reaches half of the world’s children, in more than 99 countries, with over 2 billion vaccines for preventable diseases every year, in some of the most remote places on earth.

For this reason, UNICEF has been chosen to lead the global COVID-vaccine procurement and delivery - a worldwide initiative established to accelerate the development, production, and equitable distribution of a safe and effective vaccine, named the COVAX Facility. COVAX is a ground-breaking collaboration between 191 countries – its aim is simple: ensure every country in the world has fair and equal access to the COVID-19 vaccines, tests, and treatments. It’s co-led by Gavi (The Vaccine Alliance) and the WHO, among others.

As part of the COVAX Facility, UNICEF is using its extensive knowledge and infrastructure to deliver COVID-19 vaccines around the world, as well as supplying test kits and life-saving medical supplies to treat people who’ve contracted the virus. As experts with 75 years of experience in in large-scale vaccination initiatives and responding to public health emergencies, UNICEF is the only global organisation ready to deliver an operation of this size.