Executive Elegance

Executive Elegance

Our Corporate packages are the perfect way to create a base for your work wardrobe. There is nothing better than having garments that are made to fit you, lasting a lifetime.
 Crush-free fabric, figure flattering, stylish and comfortable. Many of our clients are time-poor and rely on their KG corporate wardrobe, knowing they will look and feel fabulous the whole day through.

We believe that being strategic when choosing a platform for your wardrobe is essential.  We recommend starting with four to five essential pieces – 2 dresses, a jacket, a skirt and pants – and learning how to mix and match these pieces to create different looks. 
We also recommend purchasing these 'key' pieces in one solid colour such as black, ink navy, or ivory.  In the future, you can then add colour and texture to your basis.

Our aim is to understand your preferences and style when it comes to dressing for work, including the colours and styles that you prefer.

Complete our survey, allowing us to provide you with tailored recommendations that suit your individual needs and preferences.