Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Describe being a mum in three words.

My Life Purpose.
Somehow it was meant to be.  I always said growing up I would only have one child.  I loved being a Mum so much, that we had five.
My children are the gifts that keep on giving, in life they have given me some incredible material gifts, however, the biggest gift is having them consistently around, and happy.  I have five children but they are all so individually unique.  I would say they are all home bodies, and we all spend a lot of time together, not because we have to but we want to.  We are family, but we are also good mates.

How does being a mum inspire your designs?

I don’t feel being a mother inspires my designs, as I am inspired by simple things that are visual. I may see a building, I may see something on the street, it is all basic things that my creative mind transforms.  I do believe that I have inspired my children to work hard, to keep active, and to not judge anyone.  Allow people to be who they are, and also be respectful of others opinions.  My children will often say that they recognise the grind of my hard work, but also recognise it is not a bad thing, in fact it is one of the greatest things of all.

Your advice for working mums?

My advice for working Mums is only this.  There is no such thing as balance, and trying to perfect the balance is impossible.  Some days things are too far right, or too far left and that is ok.  Let’s all just be happy with being wonderfully imperfect, don’t read into the balance thing too much, just do what you do and be the best at it.

Best advice you received from your mother?

My Mum always said to me when I was young.  Karen, it doesn’t matter who you marry, they may be wealthy, charming, inspiring, never rely on a person for your success or happiness – you MUST always have something for yourself in terms of an interest/career.  Have your own passion and purpose.  Marriage is not about taking care of someone else, or being at their beck and call – it is about team work and working alongside each other, supporting each other and respecting each other as a team.  Her advice is one of the drivers for me, to go out there and do something I love and I am passionate about, happily work hard – no one in my family loves creativity as much as I do – but they support what I am passionate about.  I do exactly the same for them.

One lesson you hope to pass on to your children?

 I don’t think there is a lesson I want to pass on to my children, rather I would like to hope that I lead by example.  Children are amazing at what they learn and pick up on, through us as parents being consistent, day in and day out.  All of our children are fit, active and hard workers.  They were not born to know all of this, they have seen it with their own eyes, and then as they have become older, chosen to implement it into their own lives.  I don’t tell my children what is right or wrong for them, they choose.  A good choice or bad choice, I say to them to think about the consequences – for example,  stay active, eat well, be kind the consequences are that you feel great about yourself.  If you choose to eat consistently poorly, drink excessively, not be active – the consequences are that you will get to a point of feeling lethargic and not at your best.  I have never said what they have to do, but just always have them think about the way it makes them feel.

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