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Welcome to My Infinity Privilege, where loyalty meets luxury.

Our Loyalty Programme has been meticulously crafted to offer unparalleled benefits and exclusivity to our esteemed clientele, both in-store and online for our Ready to Wear collection. At My Infinity, we believe in fostering a community of inclusivity and empowerment, ensuring every woman feels valued and celebrated. As a token of appreciation for your loyalty, our programme extends a plethora of offerings and vouchers, tailored to enhance your shopping experience.
Unlock a world of privileges with My Infinity. Our loyalty tiers cater to every discerning shopper, from the aspiring Intern to the esteemed CEO. With perks ranging from exclusive members-only sale days to pre-launch access and orders, we ensure that your loyalty is rewarded at every level. My Infinity Privilege ensures that your loyalty is met with unmatched benefits, creating an experience truly deserving of our cherished clientele.
 It's as seamless as it gets - every Ready to Wear purchase automatically enrolls you into our loyalty program.

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