Ready to Race?

Ready to Race?

The spring racing season holds a special place in our hearts, being a cherished time of the year. Witnessing our clients grace the course fills us with joy as they relish a splendid day.

Take inspiration from the incredible KG ensembles that have graced the Race Season.
With a timeless style, a vibrant dash of color, and an exquisite accessory, you'll be all set!

The enduring appeal of our dresses is something we hold dear; they seamlessly transcend the years while maintaining their relevance. Invest in a tailor-made KG dress, ensuring you're always equipped with a race-ready outfit, year after year.

If you're not quite race-ready yet, there's still time!

Secure your spot with our team today.


Melbourne based? Book your appointment at our showcase to get your racewear ready.

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