The KG Influence Trench History

The KG Influence Trench History

Designing the Karen Gee Influence Trench Coat was a journey rooted in my childhood experiences and fascination with fashion.
Growing up in Rockhampton, a small town in far north Queensland, the weather was perpetually hot and humid, making comfort a daily challenge. Air conditioning was a luxury, and fans merely circulated the hot air.  My early memories are filled with the sensation of stepping outside into what felt like an overwhelming wall of heat, where even the bitumen streets seemed to sizzle under the relentless sun.
When I was nine, my parents married and took me on a four month journey around Australia for their honeymoon. This adventure was not only a break from school but also an eye-opening experience that introduced me to the diverse climates and cultures within our vast country. We started from Rockhampton, journeyed inland, and then travelled north to Darwin, west to Perth, and finally back through Victoria. One of the most memorable stops was Melbourne, where the contrast to my hometown was striking. The bustling energy and the fashion-forward streets left a lasting impression on me.
I vividly recall the awe I felt when I first saw the women in Melbourne wearing long trench coats. These elegant, cinched-at-the-waist garments, often paired with stylish boots and scarves, were unlike anything I had seen before.
The intricate details—beautiful lapels, cuffs, and shoulder designs—made these coats appear as if they were straight out of a movie. I turned to my mother, fascinated, and asked about these stunning garments. She explained that they were trench coats, designed to insulate and protect against the cold.
This childhood fascination stayed with me and became a source of inspiration when I ventured into fashion design.
Eleven years ago, when I started Karen Gee, the piece was one of the first winter pieces I created. The design of the Karen Gee Influence Trench Coat is a homage to those early memories of elegance and sophistication I witnessed in Melbourne. It combines functionality with style, featuring classic elements like a belted waist, detailed lapels, and cuffs that exude timeless beauty. Today, the trench coat remains one of our bestsellers, a testament to its enduring appeal and the nostalgic inspiration behind its creation.

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