Why Experience Gifts Are The Best!

Why Experience Gifts Are The Best!

We believe the KG Gift Voucher is the best Christmas gift you can give, this is because it is a lot more than just a Gift, it is an experience. Experience gifts have been regarded as the top choice nowadays, and this is especially true when purchasing from KG. So, why are experience gifts the best gift?

The Excitement.
People get very excited when they have something to look forward to, the pleasant anticipation is part of the gift!
The Connection.
The experience will always remind you of the person gifting it, creating a positive memory shared with someone else.
The Best of Both Worlds.
The experience of customising ones own dress does not just stop there, the consultation, choices, fitting and then the final product. You do not just have the experience, but the product of the experience, a beautiful KG dress.With many different jackets to choose from, in over 25 colours and various tweeds,
it's hard to decide.  Take a look below and get an idea of the Jacket you need in your wardrobe

You Can’t Choose Wrong.
When purchasing a KG Gift Voucher you cannot go wrong with your choice, because the lady in your life gets to choose exactly what she likes. Whatever style, colour, fit or type of garment - the decision is down to her!

When you purchase a Gift Voucher with KG, you are gifting the recipient a lot more than just a dress. 

The experience starts off with booking a consultation with our team. Karen Gee will ensure she is present at these consultations, to share her thoughts and give professional style advice. If local to Sydney this can take place in our Flagship Store in Chifley Tower. If based elsewhere in Australia or the world, we would love to have a virtual consultation.


Karen and the team will talk the client through their options of over 100 styles, asking what they usually enjoy wearing, if the garment is for a special occasion or corporate attire. Educate the client on our premium fabric, and talk about the 25 colours available, which suit many different tones and preferences. We will also share details regarding our limited tweed.

Once a decision has been made we can process the order, using the gift voucher. Before booking them in for their first dress fitting.

Get it right this Christmas and purchase a KG Gift Voucher!