A Christmas Message & Recipe from Karen

A Christmas Message & Recipe from Karen

To the Wonderful KG Community


Not long now until Christmas comes into our lives again.  What a wonderful time of year. That feeling of being with family and friends is always so special and treasured. There would be mixed feelings of what 2021 meant for you, but I hope you can look back and if it was fantastic, keep doing what you are doing, if it was a tough year, always remember, we learn so much from the tough times, and it only makes us stronger.  The ultimate goal for all of us is to be happy, so focus on what makes you happy, and try to include that in your daily life.  Easier said than done………….


Being a born and bred Queensland girl, we are excitedly going back to see our families at the Gold Coast.  I mean, anything could happen (nothing surprises me anymore), but this is the plan.  We are hoping as a family to rest, relax, reflect and plan.  Although to be totally honest, I am the organiser of the family, so I will usually prompt everyone, and whilst they always initially hesitantly participate, once we all start talking and reflecting, it becomes hours of joyful conversation.  It is during these insightful discussions, that I sit back and think to myself, how dam lucky I am, to have such wonderful humans around me. Things don’t matter………..family, community, love, loyalty, friends absolutely do! I hope to also be entirely present (excuse the pun) with each day we are together, and savour every moment, listening, watching, loving.  This is what I love to do most.


This Christmas Day, I dream of waking up to the sea breeze, sneaking out for a run before any of my family members open their eyes.  I will be giving lots of hugs and kisses to the ones I love, and giving them my time.  Our family do not give Christmas gifts, rather choose to just travel together, be together, and grow together.  To me that is the ultimate Christmas Gift.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!




Cheese Ball Recipe 

500 grams Grated Tasty Cheese

1 jar of Gherkin Relish

1 Block of Philly Cheese (250g)


Place all ingredients in a bowl, mix with clean hands.


Roll into large oval ball, or two ovals balls

Sprinkle with paprika & Serve with crackers


Everyone will LOVE it.