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I Lost count of how many people complimented me on my dress today. You talk about the brand wanting to make everyone feel confident, you did just that.

Shopping with Karen Gee is a breeze.

You have my measurements, and it is perfect fit each time.

WOW, I have just tried on my pink jumpsuit. You are truly an amazing team.

I love how you are able to change the neckline, and sleeve lengths to suit my body type. I find it difficult to ever find a dress that fits me perfectly.

Karen Gee, you are so unique.

OMG, I lost my words. Thank you to Karen Gee & team for the most amazing collection my husband picked today. They are divine & so special.

What colour are you wearing today?

KG Colour Swatch Set is the ultimate colour guide with 30 KG shades, and a beautiful Karengee swatch bag to keep them in, to enable you to select colours in all their glory.

KarenGee makes KG outfit colour selection easier with a KG premium colour swatch bag that includes 30 KG colours swatches

Looking good has never been this easy.

If you are unsure of your exact size, you can order a Try-On dress to fit at home, sample the fabric, and feel confident ordering online.

Receive your Try-On dress via express post straight to your door, try it on and send it back to us using the supplied return postage within 4 business days.