Level 3 CEO Complementary Gift


Our built-in body mapping ensures firm support in the areas our customers want it, without compromising on comfort. The quality of the knit and the construction of the fabric are made up of 78% nylon and 22% spandex to produce a beautifully soft material that is silky, and smooth to the touch. The moisture wicking fabric quickly moves (or wicks) sweat to the fabric’s outer surface, it also drys rapidly so your body can regulate its temperature.

What Matters to Us

To us, what really matters is that a woman should feel free to wear whatever it is that makes herfeel good without any compromise or limitations. For some women a little shapewear goes a long way to help them feel secure in their body and confident in what they’re wearing.

Feel Good Without Any Limitations

What really matters to us is that a womanshouldfeel free to wear whatever it is that makesherfeel good without any compromise or limitations.

Quality Material

Lightweight, long-lasting and made from zero waste material, there is no compromise on quality or fit, allowing you to feel the best in your skin.

A Little Extra Magic

You’ve already got all the right curves in all the right places – but we understand that a little extra magic can go a long way to boost confidence and amplify natural beauty.