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My husband sent this to me, with the words “We do This”.

It brought a smile to my face, as I thought of how consistent “Date Nights” have been part of our marriage for a long time now.

It may not be for everyone, however, it plays a vital role in reconnecting us each week. Like most, our weekdays are full with children and work commitments, and it is always a little more difficult during the week to have a discussion without interruption or just not feeling in the mood. I love to disconnect from any electronics at about 6:30pm – have dinner and just relax watching some TV, or stretching.

Always at the back of my mind, is date night, and it stills brings a thrill to both of us, we will often during the week text each other about date night, count down the days to date night, talk about the food and what to drink. Most date nights, my husband will “meet me at the bar” – I will always dress up, and it feels like we are dating all over again. He will always pre order my drink and have it waiting on arrival, and the first thing he will say is something nice about me (even if I am feeling shattered from the week). Despite what we have had going on for the week, we are able to relax in each other’s company and brief each other on what is happening in our work worlds, and not a date night goes by without mentioning the children, and how lucky we are.

Believe me, we are not perfect in any way, however, choose to spend this time together to ensure we remain connected, it is important to both of us. This in turn has created respect and admiration for one another that we try to build on each week. We also know that our children will one day have their own little families, and although we will always be close to them, they will depend on us less. So I want to get older being in love and being my husband's biggest supporter as he would be mine... As Marc Randolph mentions above, we too do not change, or accept any other invitations for our scheduled date night. We have made a pact that Friday nights are our nights. The children even plan their Friday nights knowing that Mum and Dad are on a date. They really love seeing us do this, and often make comments #couplegoals – I know they understand how meaningful this is to us.

So as Valentine’s Day approaches, my husband tells me every year that he does not believe in it, however, flowers always appear on the doorstep.

I cannot recommend enough for marriages, couples, and friendships – to set a consistent date to catch up, chat, reflect, and be inspired. It doesn’t have to be a night, it can be an hour on the weekend, a breakfast each Sunday, or a walk but put it in the diary each week – I promise you will be glad you did.

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